Advantages and Disadvantages of Screw Type Forging Press

2019-10-09 09:25:42

In the middle and small batches of the forging workshop and some special production lines for mass forging production, screw type forging press is widely used. According to the different driving methods, the screw forging press mainly includes three types: friction screw forging press, electric screw forging press and hydraulic screw forging press. At present, most of the friction presses with nominal pressures of 1000~1600kN are used in China. In addition, large-sized screw presses such as friction presses with a nominal pressure of 25000kN, hydraulic screw presses of 40000kN and electric screw presses of 6300kN are also used, which have been applied in production.

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What's the Differences between Screw Type Forging Press and Forging Hammer?

Compared with the die forging hammer, the screw type forging press has the advantages of low equipment cost, low requirements on the plant and foundation, less vibration and noise during operation, lower energy consumption and mold cost, and better working conditions. In addition, the screw forging press has forging ejector pin device, which can perform some processes such as forging long rods, extrusion cylinders, closed die forging and precision forging which are difficult to complete on the die forging hammer. However, ordinary screw presses have a lower number of strokes and are less capable of withstanding a bias load, and generally only perform single-turn molds. The blanking process of complex forgings needs to be completed with other equipment, and the productivity is not as high as that of the die forging hammer.

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Comparison of Electric Screw Forging Press and Friction Forging Press

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The rotation of the screw is used to drive the up and down movement of the slider, which has a simple structure, a low maintenance cost, and a small vibration.

Differences between Electric Screw Forging Press and Friction Forging Press

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Automatic Forging Line with Anyang Electric Screw Forging Press in Russia

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In recent years, with the improvement of the performance and structure of the screw type forging press, its process use has become more extensive. For example, the electric screw forging press produced in Anyang Forging Press has high striking energy, high stroke number, good guiding precision, strong ability to withstand partial load, short mold time after forging and high position of the press at any position of the stroke. The advantages of striking force, etc., provide favorable conditions for multi-turn die forging, precision forging and die forging with large height and large deformation.

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