A Epicyclic Gear Carrier Forging Line Has been Trailed Successfully by Electric Screw Press

2019-03-20 11:32:02

Nowadays, with the noise of machine from the CNC assembly shop, the epicyclic gear carrier has been forged successfully by our forging line, which adopts a electric screw press as the forging machine. This forging production line is independently developed by Anyang Forging Press, which has been another milestone in the history of research and development of our company’s forging production line, it also brings the technology of our company’s CNC electric screw press machine develop to a new stage, and laid a solid foundation for the automation forging production line of electric screw presses. 

The forged epicyclic gear carrier is an important parts in the epicyclic gear reducer, the forging blank in extremely complicated, especially the three bosses used to fix the gear, the mold cavity is deep, the metal flow is slow, the cooling speed is fast, which has the risk that the cavity cannot be filled. Thanks to many years of development experiences of the forging machine, according to the characteristics of experimental performance, our R&D adjust the heating method and forging temperature in a targeted manner.

Zhou Bin, the deputy general manager of company’s R&D, also guided on site, from the forging theory, carefully studied and analyzed the whole process of pre-forging and final forging, not let go of any details, analyzing the trend of metal flow, and rationally distributing the strike energy of equipment, finally, the perfect epicyclic gear carrier was forged out. The successful trail of this forging, directly reflects that Anyang Forging Press J58k series electric screw forging press has the unique advantages and conditions in the field of forging deep cavity.

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Advantages of This Epicyclic Gear Carrier Forging Production Line

Since the successful development, our J58k series electric screw forging press has gained a good reputation in the forging filed, due to its reliable performance and high degree of numerical control. Until now, our forging line with electric screw press has exported to Russia, India and other more than 20 countries. As the core equipment of forging line, compared to other closed die forging machine, the advantages of Anyang electric screw forging press are shownas follow.

In addition, because the energy release of the electric screw press is stable, the overall vibration of the forging machine is small, and the mold jump amount is small during forging. With the forging robot, various of automated forging production line can be set up to meet the development needs of modern intelligent factories. The multi-purpose intelligent electric screw press will become a new star in the forging industry.

The successful trail production of epicyclic gear carrier forging line which is difficult to forge indicates the successful transformation of our company’s market service concept. Mechanical equipment carries forging process, forging process guides mechanical equipment, combining customer needs, we can provide our customer the most suitable forging process and equipment. Through this practical analysis, we have gained a deeper understanding of the application of electric screw press in forging industry, having a new understanding about how to combine the forging process and what kind of forging die to design, which has accumulated rich first-line experiments for the electric screw press forging production line in the future.

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