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cooper ball production line on skew rolling machine

ZQ-60 skew rolling machine for making copper ball . Phosphor bronze ball is an excellent electroplating material, mainly used in printed circuit (PCB) and metal, decorative industries.

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How to make cooper ball on skew rolling machine
Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co., Ltd supply skew rolling machine for making steel ball ,copper ball .now , we had already designed a copper ball production line . the copper ball production line is used by our customer .
copper ball production line Advantage :
  1.the production line have a high output and automatic .
  2..the cooper bar can be cold rolled . because cooper bar is soft , cooper bar don’t need to heat .
  3.no need cutting machine before rolling , because copper is soft , if before rolling copper ball ,cutting copper bar will waste copper material , but rolling copper bar is save material.
  4. rolled copper balls have a good surface finish and roundness.
Copper ball application :
With the rapid development of electronic technology, a variety of circuit board production requirements increased significantly. The copper anode as an important raw material, the demand greatly increased, including PCB precision circuit board you need to use phosphor bronze ball as the anode. Phosphor bronze ball suitable for electronic circuit boards, especially sophisticated multi-layer circuit boards, an essential component of this electronic product, relies heavily on the quality of PCB phosphor bronze ball anode as the basic raw material for the manufacture of circuit boards. Therefore, the demand for phosphor bronze anode ball is considerable  .copper ball is used to electrolytic copper plating . Phosphor bronze ball is an excellent electroplating material, mainly used in printed circuit (PCB) and metal, decorative industries.
skew rolling machine production line Advantages 
1. if you are interested in it . you can sent us drawing and productivity ,we can design a Program
for you .
2. before the delivery , we can forge the work piece for you in advance .
3. before the delivery , you also can check in our factory
4. Automatic control the quenching temperature, make sure the quenching quality.
5. Automatic roll fast rewind function, make sure the rollers be not damaged.
6. Automatic feeding function, improve the material utilization.
if you are interested in skew rolling machine for making cooper ball , we can sent technical parameters and quote to you .
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