Steel Ball Manufacturing Process Analysis and Making Machine

2019-09-19 15:44:30

What is Grinding Steel Ball?

The progress of human technology has led to the development of the whole mining industry. Steel balls have become the necessary products for the crushing and grinding of mines in the world.

There are three kinds of steel ball manufacturing process: forging, rolling and casting.

grinding steel ball manufacturing process machine

Casting: The quality of cast steel balls mainly depends on the content of chromium. In recent years, the price of chromium has been rising, and environmental protection factors have led to the increasing cost of cast steel balls.

Forging: Using high manganese steel as raw material, and using pneumatic forging hammer with spherical die to make the steel balls. It has the characteristics of small investment and quick start, but high dependence on human beings.

Rolling: Using high manganese steel bar as raw material, and using the rolling mill with special spiral hole die to make steel balls. The production efficiency and automation degree is high, but the investment cost is also high.

Steel Ball Manufacturing Process Comparison

On the premise of equal raw materials, contrastive analysis of steel ball quality produced by different manufacturing technologies are as follows:


Cast steel ball

Cast steel balls are naturally solidified by molten steel, which will inevitably lead to internal structure loosening, porosity and other defects, which will lead to brittle, eccentric wear and loss of circle in the use of steel balls. So most of grinding steel balls used in mine are forged steel balls and rolled steel balls. Next I will go into process and machine of forged steel balls and rolled steel balls, as well as a new steel ball manufacturing process and production line.

Steel ball forging machine

Traditional forged steel balls use air hammer to forge raw materials to a certain amount of deformation, increase compression ratio, so as to make the structure of wear-resistant balls more compact, improve toughness and hardness. Because forged steel balls have all the attributes of forgings, the quality of forged steel ball is the best among all of these steel ball manufacturing processes.

power forging hammer for steel ball

Advantages of forged steel ball

Pneumatic Forging Hammer for Steel Ball Making 

Pneumatic hammer forging is a traditional forging method for steel ball making. The steel ball forging process is shown as follow:

Heat the steel bar in medium frequency induction furnace - cut the steel bar by billet hot shearing machine - pre-forging on pneumatic forging hammer - final forging on pneumatic forging hammer - heat treatment

In this process, in order to increase the forging efficiency, there are one hammer for pre-forging and another hammer for final forging. Actually, one hammer can also achieve the whole forging.

Advantages of Pneumatic Power Forging Hammer for Steel Ball Making

Pneumatic forging hammer is suitable for various of steel balls, especially those steel balls with large diameter and super large diameter. It can forge steel ball with wide range of diameters on one hammer, flexible process, suitable for various batches of production.

pneumatic power forging hammer for steel ball making

steel ball pneumatic forging hammer and forging robot

The special pneumatic forging hammer for steel ball making has been promoted at the basis of traditional pneumatic forging hammer, adding pedal device, all of the hammer can operated by one people. In order to increase the reliability, the working cylinder of pneumatic power forging hammer adopts prestressed structure, the hammer rod adopts circular shape, in order to increase its strength.

Steel ball rolling

The skew rolling technology is a leap forward development in the forging steel ball industry. The bar used for rolling is rolled, so the structure of the ball is relatively uniform. However, the rolling process only cuts and rubs the bar, which does not meet the requirement of forging ratio, so it does not have the properties of forging. Rolling ball process is with a high degree of automation, the production efficiency is much higher than the forged steel ball line, it can produce the steel balls below φ125mm, rolling ball line is also used in mass production, high requirements on the workshop.

Steel ball skew rolling mill is a ball automated production equipment, suitable for the production of steel balls with various materials: carbon steel, manganese steel. The rolled steel balls are widely used in mines, steel mills, chemicals, building materials, cement, metallurgy, thermal power plants and other industries, with automatic heating equipment and transmission equipment, realized automated production.

skew rolling mill steel ball making machine

Steel ball rolling process

Heat the whole steel bar in medium frequency induction - continuous rolled on skew rolling mill - heart treatment

Advantages of skew rolled steel balls

The skew rolling technology does not need blanking and air hammering, which greatly improves the production efficiency, greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, and greatly reduces the hazards of noise and other hazards.

Forge-Rolling Process for Steel Ball Manufacturing - the Latest Technology

Forging-rolling technology is a new steel ball manufacturing process developed by Anyang Forging Press. Forging and rolling process can theoretically produce steel balls of various diameters, but due to investment and efficiency reasons, it is usually used to mass produce steel balls with diameters of 100-200 mm, which has achieved better investment returns.

forging rolling steel ball making line machine

The Manufacturing Process of Steel Ball Forge-Rolling Technology 

Medium frequency induction furnace - billet hot shearing machine - robot - automatic forging hammer - rolling mill - heat treatment

After the bar shear is heated by the medium frequency heating furnace, the heated bar is cut off by the bar shear machine according to the required length. After material selection and distribution, the qualified material is sent to the NC hammer by the robot. The pre-forging is carried out on the NC hammer. After the pre-forging, the ball is basically formed. With the cooperation of the cylinder, the ball is rolled into the steel ball roller circular machine through the material trough. The steel balls with good appearance are produced by competitive rolling of ball roll mill. After subsequent heat treatment, high hardness wear-resistant steel balls can be obtained.

steel ball skew rolling mill manufacturer

skew rolling mill for steel ball making

hot billet shearing machine for steel ball forging

billet shearing machine

Anyang Forging Press can provide the machine involved in the above three kinds of steel ball manufacturing process. Pneumatic power forging hammer, skew rolling mill, and other assistant machine for forging automation, such as medium frequency heating furnace, heat treatment machine, forging robot, transmission equipment, etc. If you have any needs in steel ball manufacturing process, please feel free to contact us.