Working Principle and Application of Rotary Forging Machine

2019-05-18 18:32:07

What is Rotary Forging Machine?

The rotary forging machine, also known as orbital forging machine, is a new metal pressure processing technology developed in the 1960s. It is a special forging process in the forging production industry, and can be used for precision production of small and medium forgings.

The Working Principle of Rotary Forging Machine

The working principle of rotary forging machine is that, a conical upper die which is rapidly and purely twirled around the center locally presses the end face of the blank, in order to gradually shape the blank. Rotary forging is a continuous local forming method. There is a relatively oblique angle between the center line of the rotary head and the vertical axis of the machine body. The oscillating head of the rotary forging machine is loaded with the metal blank during the oscillating process, and the oscillating head is always subjected to the eccentric load, and the resultant force point continuously orbits around the body axis (ie, rotary forging), that is why the machine is also called orbital forging machine. It is mainly the rolling friction between the oscillating head and the metal blank, the forming pressure of the oscillating weight on the metal blank acts only on a small part of the surface of the workpiece. The forging forming force of a conventional forging press is applied to the entire surface of the end plane of the metal blank.

Technology of rotary forging machine

Rotary Forge Technology

Application of Rotary Forging Machine

Advantages of Rotary Forging Machine

Choose High Quality Rotary Forging Machine

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