AFP Installed Two New Ring Rolling Machine Successfully in India!

2019-07-06 13:55:07

New ring rolling orders from India

Recently, we just installed two ring rolling machines for our customers in India. A D51-160 for Agrasen Engineering Industries Pvt.Ltd, and a D21-250 for OM KAMAL TECHNO SYSTEM. Agrasen Engineering Industries Pvt.Ltd is a automatic components and gearing races manufacturer in India, our D51-160 ring rolling machine they ordered is also used to make gearing races and other related components. OM KAMAL TECHNO SYSTEM is a supplier of wires, cables and accessories in India, thus they ordered our D21-250 ring rolling machine to expend their production scale. 

250 mm ring rolling ring rolling machine

250 mm ring rolling machine for OM KAMAL TECHNO SYSTEM

 160 mm ring rolling machine

160mm ring rolling machine for Agrasen Engineering Industries Pvt.Ltd

What’s more, our assembling workers and engineers also repair a 1000mm ring rolling machine for an other customer last year, whom bought our ring rolling machine last year. Through detailed inspect, our engineer fought that because of improper operation, there was a key component broken on the machine. Our assembling workers replaced the damaged parts for them, and provided detailed operation training for the operators. The customers are very satisfied.

 1000 mm ring rolling machine in India

After repairing, the ring rolling machine has returned to production

Advantages of ring rolling machine

As a type of forging machine, the application of ring rolling machine is related with its advantages.

Welcome to choose AFP ring rolling machine

There are two kinds of ring rolling machines in our company. D51 series radial ring rolling machine and D53K series CNC radial and axial ring rolling machine.

The D51 ring rolling machine is suitable for the production of ring in the field of automobile, machinery, oil&gas, chemical etc. It can produce the rings with rectangular cross-section and special section such as bearing rings, gear blanks, flat flanges, weld-neck flanges etc, with features of once rolling, higher production efficiency,higher precision blanks.

 D51 vertical ring rolling machine

D51K vertical ring rolling machine

D53k series radial and axial ring rolling machine is adopted CNC technology to roll the ring from radial and axial together. It is used to produce large size rings such as bearings, flanges and ball valves.

 D53 horizontal ring rolling machine

D53K horizontal ring rolling machine

With more than 60 years’ experiences in forging machine manufacturing, we have the ability to provide our customer one-stop turn-key service, from design, manufacturing, installation, stall training and after-sale service. If you are interested in our ring rolling machine, please feel free to contact us, Anyang Forging Press is your best choice!