Gear Manufacturing Process & Machine Compression

2020-02-08 16:33:58

There are two kinds of gear manufacturing process, forging and casting. 

Forged gears are generally parts made by heating steel to austenite, then applying pressure with a die, and forge it with external force. Castings have defects such as segregation, shrinkage and looseness. Taking gear forgings as an example, the fluidity of the metal is retained after the steel passes through the forging, which can significantly improve the mechanical properties of metal materials.

gear forging process comparison

Differences of gear manufacturing process


From the appearance of the two gear manufacturing process, we can see that the surface of the casting is thick, and there is segregation and shrinkage. But the surface of the gear forging is smooth and shiny, because the gear forging is forged by external force, the casting is solidified.

gear forging process

Ideal Gear Manufacturing Machine Choose

From the introduction above, we can know that forging is better than casting in the gear manufacturing process. So what is the best gear manufacturing machine?

The most used gear manufacturing machine in the past is closed die hot forging hammer, in recent years, the electric screw forging press, as a new type of forging press, is more and more used in gear manufacturing. As it has more advantages than forging hammer.

For general gear, as the meshing teeth are small, the blank is hard to fill the die, so no matter in forging hammer or electric screw forging press, gear ring is forged firstly, and then machining the meshing teeth. However, for some special gear like basin gear forging, as the speed of electric screw forging press is slower than forging hammer, the metal blank can flow slowly and fill the mold, so the electric screw forging press forge the final shape directly, but a forging hammer is hard to shape the meshing teeth as mentioned above. 

gear hot forging hammer

Thus, since the birth of electric screw forging press, there have been many gear forging manufacturers using electric screw press instead of forging hammer. What’s more, paired with robot and other forging assistant machine, the electric screw forging press can accomplish forging automation. Anyang Forging Press can provide electric screw forging press from 250 ton to 4000 ton.

gear forging electric screw press

Forging larger gear, ring rolling machine is the best choice. Make the gear blank firstly, then machine the final shape. We can also manufacture both vertical and vertical ring rolling machine.

ring rolling machine for gear forging

Forging automation turn-key solution is also available. If you are interested in our gear manufacturing machine, please feel free to contact us!