Safety Regulation of Forging Press Operation and Installation

2019-11-06 17:08:00

Installation regulation of Forging Press

After buying a forging press, firstly, you should make a good foundation according to the foundation drawing provided by the forging press manufacturer, and then align it according to the platform of the stand. It can be used only after the cement setting period expires. Generally, 7 days in summer and 15 days in winter, good quality cement is required. Then connect the power supply.Anyang Forging Press  Before starting, check whether the connection of each part and the screw are loose. Then refuel the oil at the refuelling point. After checking, open it.The staff should first carry out professional training, especially the screws connected with plates, medium section small punches, etc., which should be checked frequently. This place is heavily stressed, and the bolts should be purchased, which are easy to break, so as to avoid accidents. The upper and lower pressure plates of the silk mother should also be checked frequently to avoid falling off and hurting people. The clearance between the cowhide ring and the friction wheel of the new machine is generally 3-5mm, which needs to be adjusted for a period of time. If the distance is too large, the forging press operation fails and accidents are easy to occur. The connecting pins shall be replaced with new ones after being worn to avoid too much empty and the operating system is not easy to use, which leads to the bearing falling off the platform and the bearing replacement is too difficult, causing unnecessary troubles to the work. The bearing must use good butter, and the screw nut must also be heated after adding butter with engine oil. When it is thin, it will be injected under the flat surface of the upper crossbeam, because the thin oil can flow to all parts, so as to extend the service life of the screw nut.

forging press operation safety

Checking Regulation of Forging Press

When installing die of the forging press, the closing height of the die must match the closing height of the press. When adjusting the closing height of the press, inching stroke shall be adopted. The worktable of the press is not allowed to be at the lowest limit position, but should be at the middle limit of its regulating capacity, and the die should be fixed firmly. Check the pressure of compressed air carefully before work. When the pressure is less than 3.92266x105pa (4kg / cm2), do not start the press. Check whether the control system and lubrication system of the equipment are normal. Check whether the clutch, brake and protective device are in good condition. In order to prevent the slide block of the press from being stuck, overload operation of forging press is strictly prohibited.

Forging Press Operation Regulation 

After the motor is started, the slider can be operated for forging only after the flywheel speed is normal. During the work, the operator shall not leave the post, nor clean, adjust and lubricate the equipment. It is not allowed to extend hands or tools into the range of sliding block travel. A safety cover shall be installed on the foot pedal control board to avoid sudden slide of slide block caused by mispressure of other people or other objects, resulting in accidents. When the pressure machine works continuously for a long time, pay attention to check whether the motor, clutch, brake, slider and guide rail are overheated, smoking, sparking and other phenomena, if any, it should be cooled properly before continuing to work. At the end of the work, make the slider fall to the lower dead center position, cut off the power supply, turn off the compressed air, tidy up the work site, and do a good job of shift handover.

Forging Press Design and Installation Service

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Open die hydraulic forging press working video

Closed die electric screw forging press working video