Control arm forging line advantage

2017-12-15 11:11:15


 Control arm forging line advantage

An yang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co., Ltd can supply Control arm forging line for making Control arm . 

The use of roll forging - die forging press or die forging hammer composite process for the production of car control arm forgings, the product of high dimensional accuracy, surface quality is good; compared with the traditional hammer on forging process, can save 17% of raw materials, energy consumption decreased by 60% , Forgings cost 12% lower than the cost, with significant economic and social benefits.

forging control arm video :

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 Control arm forging line process

① first process



② second process 


control arm forging production line advantage 

1.if you are interested in it . you can sent us drawing and productivity, we can design

a Program for you .

2.before the delivery , we can forge the workpiece for you in advance in our factory . 

3. before the delivery , you also can check in our factory . 

If you are interested in any forging machine, we can sent technical parameters and quote

to you .

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