Forging in bearing production status and role

2017-12-08 14:20:00


 forging press forge bearing
Bearings in the car is widely used, has assumed an important responsibility. From the engine, chassis to the electrical assembly, are applied to the bearings. Automotive bearings are divided into two types of plain bearings and rolling bearings.
Plain bearings are mainly used on the engine. Sliding bearings are usually divided into two kinds, one is lining bush-type thin-walled bearings, commonly known as tile bearing bush; the other is bushings, also known as copper sleeve, hollow cylinder shape.
Rolling bearings are widely used in various mechanical and electrical assemblies on vehicles. The main transmission, steering gear, pumps, fans, clutches, differential, front and rear wheels and drive shaft.
Most bearing rings are obtained by forging . Therefore, in the bearing factory, forging process is essential in the production of bearings . in the bearing forging press , hydraulic close die forging hammer , ring rolling machine , screw forging press is widely used in forging bearing .which is conducive to improve the utilization of steel, reduce vehicle working hours and reduce production costs.
Bearing the inner ring as an example,Bar after hot forging process, with the same amount of steel can be more production Forging processing, but also eliminate the inherent defects of the metal, improve the metal structure, the metal streamline distribution is reasonable.
Metal tightness,thereby enhancing the bearing life. Forging production has great technical and economic significance in the entire bearing production .
bearing forging production line Process
(1) Single bearing line process 
Single bearing line process
 Combination bearing  line process
bearing forging production line advantage :
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