connecting rod Precise forging process - A compound of rolling forging and die forging

2017-12-02 11:16:27

50KJ cnc forging hammer forge connecting rod

connecting rod Precise forging process - A compound of rolling forging and die forging 

 Aiming at the characteristics, technical conditions and requirements of connecting rod forgings, a precision forging compounding process of rolling forging and hydraulic die forging hammer was put forward, and the design of precision forging process and mold design were carried out.With the precision forging of C92K -50KJ forging connecting rod in japan As an example, this is a customer from An yang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co., Ltd ,the precision roll forging billet - hydraulic forging hammer forging composite process research results show that the use of this process for the production of car connecting rod parts, high product quality, stable and reliable production than the traditional hammer on forging process savings More than 15% raw materials, energy consumption decreased by 60%, forgings cost reduced by 10%.

 forge connecting rod


CNC hydraulic die forging hammer features :

1.Programmable hitting

2.Precise energy control

3.High forging accuracy

4.High blow frequencies

5.Simple and safe operating

6.Low forging vibration

7.Optimum die life and hammer rod life

8.Realize automatic production line

Connecting rod forging process :

Connecting rod forging process 

connecting rod forging production line advantage : 

1.if you are interested in it . you can sent us drawing and productivity, we can design

a Program for you .

2.before the delivery , we can forge the work piece for you in advance in our factory . 

3. before the delivery , you also can check in our factory . 

 C92K -50KJ forge connecting rod in Japan : 

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