Electric Screw press machine

2017-11-13 11:26:39


Electric Screw press machine
Now in the area of close die forging , Anyang Forging Press Company not only have hydraulic close die forging hammer , cnc hydraulic die forging hammer , but also electric screw press machine for close die forging .
electric screw press machine have a higher efficient for producing die forming forgings .
example control arm , claw pole , connecting rod , aluminum forging, cooper forging ,auto parts , farm machinery parts. Motorcycle parts, rigging , flange yoke . electric screw press machine have advantages as below :
1. less vibrating and noise compare with close die forging hammer .
2. Precise energy control.
3. Long die lives Prolong die life.
4. More safety in during the forging process .
5. High repeat-ability due to precise blow energy setting.
We already installed automatic oil pipe band forging line , composed of one set J58K-1600ton CNC Electric Screw Press, one set 1000kw Induction furnace, D51-800 Ring rolling machine,J31-400 trimming press, matched with KUKA Robots for automation.
Our electric screw press automation line have following advantages :
1.lower labor cost
2.High quality forging parts
3.High production efficiently
4.Low rejection rate
5.No industrial accident
Anyang Forging Press Company not only designs, manufactures single forging machines and automatic forging line, but also can modernize the existing non-automatic forging line to be automatic.
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