Forged and Rolled steel Ball Combination Process

2018-03-06 14:51:10

 how to product steel ball , now , product steel ball have three process : forged ball process, Rolled Ball Process , Forged and Rolled steel Ball Combination Process .

every process have advantage and disadvantage , do you want to know that which process you are suitable for ?

1.Forged ball process
forged steel ball process
Steel ball forged on pneumatic hammer with the features of less investment, quickly organize production, steel ball with large diameters, hot-rolled steel and square steel can be used as raw materials. Forged wear-resistant steel ball is widely used in the grinding field of mining, cement, coal powder etc.
2.Rolled Ball Process
rolled ball process
Rolled Ball Process that produce ball on skew rolling machine for making steel grinding steel ball or copper ball .Rolling ball process is with a high degree of automation, the production efficiency is much higher than the forged ball line, it can produce the steel balls below Ф125mm, rolling ball line is also used in mass production, high requirements on the workshop.
3. Rolled steel Ball Combination Process
forged and rolled ball process
The process is as follows: first ,heat steel bar  , steel bar cut by billet shearing machine , cnc hydraulic die forging hammer forge short steel ball .the preformed "upset ball" scrolls into the rolling machine through the trough under the action of gas cylinder, the skew rolling machine rolls the “upset ball” into good shape of steel ball, then after the heat treatment, get high hardness of wear-resistant ball.
Forging and rolling process theoretically can produce a variety of steel balls with various diameters, but due to investment and efficiency reasons, usually suitable for mass production of Ф100-Ф200mm  steel ball, which has made better return on investment.
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