Hydraulic hot open die forging press for open die forging

2018-01-04 15:40:49

 Hydraulic hot open die forging press for open die forging

Hydraulic open die forging press is a fully hydraulic controlled forging equipment which using the hydraulic pressure to transfer energy. An yang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co., Ltd can supply forging press 800 ton , 1250 ton , 1600 ton , 2000 ton , 2500 ton , 3150 ton , 4000 ton , 5000 ton , 6000 ton .

Hot forging press Application :

Hydraulic press is mainly used to forge alloy steel, stainless steel, high alloy steel and other metal . hot forging press can realize high-speed forging, general forging, pressure keeping etc many functions. The forging press is mainly used for industrial open die forging work, upsetting, punching, reaming, stagger, cutting, bending, drawing etc, which can be used to produce big size excellent quality open die forgings in the field petrochemical, metallurgical, mining, electric power, aerospace etc.

Hot forging press feature :

1, the series of equipment control system appliances using human-machine interface input display, PLC control, and has multi - functional and multi - directional real-time monitoring. Can achieve press, operating machine 1 + 1 linkage. Set manual adjustment, manual operation, semi-automatic operation of the selection button, to achieve empty trip, work trip, return trip, top out of the press and other needed action, easy and safe operation, high production efficiency. Simple, lightweight, low labor intensity. By manipulating the crank switch, it is easy to realize the actions required for descent, ascending, forging, packing, ejection and other forging processes.

2, hydraulic system uses two-way cartridge valve integrated control system, two-stage control of oil into and out of oil, the main cylinder and the system unloading hydraulic unloading combined with three high-speed hydraulic unloading (time is only 0.3s), hydraulic machine Action fast, smooth, no vibration.

3, quick change anvil device T-slot hanging hanging mode, can be replaced on the different anvil.

4, The equipment of the rehydration system uses a large fluid tank, large liquid valve built-in zero pressure liquid tank, with fast rehydration full, safe without leakage advantages.

5, the equipment of the activities of beam-oriented and long cylinder guide length, the plunger and slider with ball joints, with anti-eccentric load capacity, the advantages of machine protection.

6, the device uses dual position and pressure control.

7, all the control valve placed in the tank, low maintenance position, with easy maintenance, safety features.

8, the main plunger and moving beams, lifting plunger and lifting beam connections are used to connect the ball, effectively solve the load partial load phenomenon.

9, the installation of oil temperature, liquid level, cooling detection alarm device and hydraulic system pressure detection device, the machine for a wide range of testing and protection.

10, all parts of the device safety factor, high strength, long life.

Hydraulic open die forging press parameter

Hydraulic open die forging press parameter


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